Happy Holidays.

So, we’re at the end of the year and have arrived at our final post for 2012. I’m not promising brilliance, mostly just a really quick review and the opportunity to thank our readers and  contributors for their continued support and to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. My hope is that you are able to greet the new year refreshed and ready for a successful year of innovation.


  • Seems there’s no end in sight to the discussion of interface standards – not here, nor in the blogosphere and it’s definitely a topic we don’t expect to see any less of online, in the trade pubs or at the shows.
  • We continue to see a proliferation of material covering CMOS imaging – seems a long time ago when the topic seemed to require a choice – we’ve got some updated content in our Knowledge Centre that you might find interesting.
  • And finally, my expectation for 2013 is that we’ll continue to keep our blog well fed and watered (as we like to say here) with good and useful content to engage and delight.
Happy Holidays – enjoy the break and look for us in the new year. 

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Geralyn arrived at Teledyne DALSA a number of years ago as a Communications Specialist and is Manager, Content Development and Channel Marketing. She is passionate about communication, music, math and the spoken word.
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