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Bob is in charge of Custom Product Development at the Montreal office of Teledyne DALSA where he leads the OEM Applications Group in the development of custom products and amazing imaging advancements. He enjoys exploring new ideas in Machine Vision, giving customers more than they expect and loves the fact that most of what Teledyne DALSA develops would make great content for the Discovery Channel!

A “What IF” Approach to Machine Vision via Semi Custom Solutions.

May 22, 2014

As engineers, we enjoy a challenge, especially when it’s something new! In general, we don’t like to turn customers away, and it’s rare for us to outright decline a project. Our business model has enough flexibility to allow both small … Continue reading

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If Cameras ate Carrots, We wouldn’t have to Worry about Good Lenses…

Mar 13, 2012

Before we purchased one of those fancy HD video boxes that allow you to pick and choose the channels you want, my partner and I watched whatever we could find on basic cable.  Typically, that meant settling for shows like … Continue reading

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