Who needs Captain America when we’ve got Heroes with Vision?


credit: Marvel Comics

Last month I had the opportunity to attend the AIA Vision Show in Boston. With some 2,000+ attendees and 100+ exhibitors this conference is not large when compared to other North American trade events but it is an important one.  It’s important because it is one of a small handful of trade conferences that is singularly focused on industrial vision. Jeff Burnstein and the team at the AIA host a great event; the showcased technology, practical seminars, training sessions and opportunities for networking are all first rate. Now anyone who is employed in a technology industry knows that the only constant is change. Technology companies are built on their ability to deliver better, faster, and cheaper solutions. Certainly, the machine vision industry is no different. If you attended the AIA event you know what I mean. Every exhibitor was highlighting their incremental technology advantages. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with incremental. For sure, if you want to learn about the latest and greatest in machine vision technology this is the show to attend. But what really impressed me were the people.

photo credit: Marvel Comics

credit: Marvel Comics

As I talked to attendees and exhibitors, I was struck by how passionate they all are about this industry. It seems to me that it’s this passion, commitment and drive that is the real star of the show. Yes, technology is important but the best technology is just a tool; the real value comes from the engineering expertise and the innovation and imagination to apply it.  Spend 5 minutes with industrial vision pioneers, like Rusty Ponce de Leon from Phase 1 Technology, Rex Lee of Pyramid Imaging, or Sharla Burns at Image Labs International, or Salvador Giro at Infaimon, to name just a few, and you’ll see how passionate they are when focused on solving a challenging vision application.

So as I return to my regular job of telling you all about Teledyne DALSA’s new products, or our recent advancements in CMOS image sensor performance, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the influential, imaginative and passionate people who drive our industry; and yes, I include in this group the very talented people who are our competition. In the end we are all working toward the same goal and share the same passion, which is to see this industry reach its full potential, not just in traditional machine vision applications but in the physical and health sciences, arts and entertainment, as well as oceanographic, geographic, and interplanetary exploration. For me, it’s the combination of imagination and engineering that makes digital imaging an exciting place to be – and for certain, full of possibility.

Here’s to all of you….my vision heroes.


Kirk Petersen

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  1. Raghava Kashyapa says:

    Nice article and spot on that the application of technology is the driver to grow the technology.