Imagine That.

I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that applications for digital imaging technology are growing. New applications for vision are opening up in areas that include the physical sciences and biophotonics, medicine, arts and entertainment, space, and defense. And applications continue to grow beyond the visible light spectrum to enable enhanced automotive vision systems, integrated traffic management networks, homeland security, and search and rescue. Advances in image sensor technology continue to drive incremental improvements in performance while increased miniaturization and data processing capability continue to push deployment costs down and open up even more opportunities.

Now, imagine a website dedicated to discovering and sharing these innovation stories – a website that explores imaging technology’s ability to empower human achievement.

That’s why I’m excited to tell you about our new Possibility Hub ( The Possibility Hub is a resource for stories about the technology, science, and people shaping digital imaging and will explore incremental advancements and emerging technologies. It will delve into existing as well as far-reaching new applications and innovations. Perhaps most importantly, the Possibility Hub will profile the influential, imaginative and passionate people who drive our industry.

The Possibility Hub is purposely separate and distinct from our own web site and will be free of product information or traditional corporate news and profiles. To be sure, the Hub has some very real brand and business development objectives, but it’s not all about us. There are incredibly wild developments being imagined in research centers all over the world.  Like Quantum Dot Sensors, or bio-engineered, light-sensitive bacteria, and a team of scientists at John Rogers at the University of Illinois, are looking at creating curved image sensors, which consists of silicon detectors and electronics that conform to a curved surface.

I’m really excited about this new content resource and believe that the value of the Possibility Hub will resonate with our customers and stakeholders but equally with the broader industry. In many ways I think our industry is still in its infancy and we want to celebrate the visionaries and shine a spotlight on interesting imaging applications stories regardless of where they come from.

Imagine that!

Kirk Petersen

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Kirk is Director of Marketing Communications at Teledyne DALSA and totally dependent on a super team of marketing professionals who are creative, passionate and highly skilled communicators. He is mechanically challenged and unable to dance in an intelligent way. Fortunate for him, neither skill is required for his role as husband, father, or marketer.
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