Technology @ Work. Liquids Packager Aims for Zero Defects.

Automation World recently featured a case study from a company called Sealed Air, and how they implemented a machine vision system to inspect the clear plastic liners used to store liquids.

Here’s a summary:

Sealed Air, an Australian maker of machinery and materials  has developed the Entapack Liquid Packaging System – super-tough liners for transportation and storage of liquid and dry solid materials, including bulk liners, bag-in-a-box packaging and aseptic packing for products requiring long shelf life at ambient temperatures.

image_bladder_EntapackThe manufacturing process for these liners provides a new level of safety and protection for the food, beverage and medical industries. But to ensure this, no visible contamination can  be trapped between the layers of the liners. A speck of dust or a hair as small as 50 microns can contaminate the packaging process and cause a system breakdown. Therefore,  100% inspection of every liner was necessary, with a goal of zero defects.

The Solution?

In addition to manufacturing the liquid bladders in a positive-pressure clean room, Sealed Air  implemented a machine vision system with the help of Adept Turnkey Pty and CPE Systems. The existing visual inspection by operators was not adequate for catching 100 percent of defects. Automated optical inspection by machine vision was the only option. But the solution still wasn’t easy.

Piranha line scan cameras were chosen because of their combination of high resolution, speed, and dynamic range. Xcelera frame grabbers were used to interface to the Piranha cameras and the inspection application was built in Teledyne DALSA’s Sherlock software environment.

The system has been in use for over a year and is reliably detecting contaminants and meeting the high standard set by the customer.

Read the full story: “’Zero Defects’ Goal Challenges Liquid Packager” in Automation World.

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