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dalsabookmark and shareEven though I’m considered a techie guy (I won’t mention how many Apple devices I own ;-)), I am still a bit “old school” with respect to social media. I don’t tweet, or “whisper”, I’m not on Google+, and don’t try to find me on Facebook. What I am hooked on is LinkedIn. Why? Because I am always looking for new sources of technical information regarding the Machine Vision industry. LinkedIn has a lot to offer in this category.

While I continue to subscribe to trade mags like Vision System Design and Advanced Imaging, I find the immediacy of online content provides me with the “just in time” feedback which has become the norm in our digital age. It’s why I’ve turned some of my attention to LinkedIn groups that support the topic I’m most interested in: camera interfaces (I am sure you anticipated that!).

Though some of these groups are still in their infancy, I am subscribed to the Camera Link, Camera Link HS, CoaXPress, GenICam, GigE Vision and USB3 Vision groups that have started up. I’m also a member of groups sponsored by our trade publications and associations – the AIA, Machine Vision Group, Vision Systems Design magazine and VISION Stuttgart among others. Why? Because these are great sources of real-time information about what’s going on right now in our industry. There’s no need to wait to the end of the month to receive a printed copy of your favorite magazine; the important MV information is relayed immediately through social media! You can even sign up for alerts and choose how often you want to be notified when something new is posted!

Ready access to the latest, on-line information about technology advances certainly has an impact on our lives. I recall a time when we had to travel to trade shows to learn about new products. Those days are long  gone with electronic press releases that provide the details about what is new. No need to spend precious dollars on airlines and hotels: all you really need is a reliable Internet connection! And I’m certain my wife is happy to have me around more often. OK, I have not specifically asked her, but a man can certainly have some fantasies!

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p.s. and here are a few links for you, if you’re not already linked up.

LinkedIn camera interface groups
Camera Link
Camera Link HS
GigE Vision
USB3 Vision


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Eric is in charge of R&D activities at the Montreal office of Teledyne DALSA where he is surrounded by talented people working on the technologies of tomorrow. Chair of the GigE Vision committee, he enjoys reading and writing machine vision standards, especially the thicker ones.
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