Spring has sprung! Or has it?

If you’re still waiting for the ice and snow to melt like I am, then you may find yourself stuck indoors for just a little bit longer. While you’re biding your time, I’ve prepared a light sample of what has been published lately regarding our imaging experts doing what they are passionate about. Over the past couple of months, we’ve been busy attending trade shows, fielding questions from trade magazine journalists, and writing our own articles. Have a look at what we and other industry experts are saying in the articles below:

1. Interviews from Automate 2013 – Robotics Tomorrow

2. Adding a Splash of Colour – IMVE

3. Who Needs Frame Grabbers, Anyway? – Quality Magazine Vision & Sensors

4. Mission to Mars – INSPECT

There’s more where that came from, but let’s wait until we’re stuck inside during those April showers. See you next time and happy reading!



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Heather is Teledyne DALSA's Media Relations Specialist. She is constantly on the lookout for interesting news items to share on behalf of the company. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, yoga, and music.
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