Six more weeks of winter? Another reading list to help get you through.

In keeping with my weather theme, it amazes me how every month of the winter seems to inspire an endless supply of conversation topics. With weather systems that are constantly changing, it’s a wonder we have anything else to talk about. I think we find ourselves alluding to it often, at the risk of seeming obsessed, because the winter weather in certain parts of Canada can be rather extreme at times, going from sunny blue skies at 30 below zero to white out blizzard conditions. And as the winter weather is constantly changing, so too are the topics we write and are interviewed about. Luckily enough, we are well equipped with a diverse group of in-house experts who can answer almost any question or figure out any problem a trade journalist throws their way.

Here are a few of the magazine articles that included us last month:

  1. Electric potential – Imaging and Machine Vision Europe
  2. Taking charge: the big sensor debate – Imaging and Machine Vision Europe
  3. Leading Lights – Novus Light Technologies Today
  4. Vision System Helps Speed Production, Maximize Efficiency at Pleasant River Lumber – Quality Magazine
  5. Photonics Strengthens Defense – and Offense – Photonics Spectra
  6. Dual cameras inspect ear droppers – Vision Systems Design

Thankfully this is my last post before we reach the first official day of spring (as predicted by Fred the groundhog’s shadow sighting), so maybe (and hopefully) I will have other things to talk about then.

Happy reading and see you in the spring!


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Heather is Teledyne DALSA's Media Relations Specialist. She is constantly on the lookout for interesting news items to share on behalf of the company. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, yoga, and music.
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