A Program of Study for Machine Vision you say? Great idea.

While I could post on B Grey’s blog and agree that a program of study for implementing machine vision is a great idea, I believe there’s more

to say. That the AIA’s the organization to lead the charge with their Certified System Integrator Program is interesting to me – I remember how excited Rusty Ponce de Leon was when it was in its formative stage. It begs a couple of questions – does the initiation of the AIA’s program signal that there are system integrators doing a bad job of things now? And if that’s the case, is our expectation that the certification program will stop unqualified integrators from selling their services? That’s another tangent, one I’m not going to follow. Feel free to comment though, we read them all.

I agree with Andy Wilson, that there’s more to do. What about the universities and colleges? Furthermore, what about the industry’s global leaders of companies that perhaps started as university spin-offs, or are helmed by PhDs and Scientists who have both contributed to and benefited from the ongoing proliferation of technology and its implementation in this field? Perhaps these key influencers would consider leading the charge with academia. Isn’t it in our best interests and part of our vision for continued success to lobby for programs beyond what’s available now? Along with an option for internship or co-op?

My vote is for a dedicated program of study – perhaps as a minor alongside an Electrical Engineering degree. I believe what the AIA has created is a good first step – the next step, from my viewpoint, could come from industry players themselves. Not only would it feed future and undiscovered machine vision applications with talent and skill, it would also serve to continue to align global companies with the exact institutions that in fact, set them on their paths to becoming leaders in the machine vision industry.

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