Machine Vision Reading List – Summer 2012

I’ll admit it – I find it hard to be inside on sunny days. I’m fortunate in that  there’s a window nearby so I can at least see those gorgeous blue “Simpsons” skies and white fluffy clouds. Now, along with great summer weather comes great summer reads. (Nice transition, right?)

With that thought in mind, I’d like to share with you a few recent articles that highlight some different areas where our technology is making a difference.

Turnkey systems use line-scan cameras to provide high-performance inspection by Xing-Fei He

Camera Trends 2012: Speed, Resolution, and Software  – where traditional Machine Vision cameras are making in-roads in non-manufacturing areas where high-quality images are also required. Think:  medical applications, transportation, and surveillance.

From ITS International: Flexible and cost-effective camera technology has a role to play in ITS.

And from our knowledge centre, a bylined article from Vision Systems Design – “Uniquely Challenging – Solar cell manufacturing faces several AOI challenges that can be met by visible, near-infrared, or electroluminescent imaging.”

So, I’ve shared my best reads. If you’ve got reading to share,  send it my way – it’d be terrific to hear from you.

Happy summer!



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