The Same Face of Machine Vision

So, I was fortunate enough to attend the AIA Vision Show last week. I had some meetings lined up, toured the show, spent time on our booth, checked out the other booths,  joined a presentation that was going well until it faded to black… stalked a few competitor booths to review their marketing content, and met with a few familiar faces at the show – which brings me to my point.

So I’ve been with DALSA (Teledyne DALSA) for a number of years, and in those years, I’d say it feels like only a handful of faces have changed. Not just here, but more generally when I see people from time to time at shows.

We’ve grown mostly through acquisition so some of the familiar faces are now colleagues; other companies have consolidated and morphed into new ones, and it seems to me, on the whole, the faces change infrequently. It seems that few people leave the machine vision industry. Am I wrong? I’ve noticed there are familiar faces in the crowd who appear, and re-appear from show to show and that overall, the show itself feels a bit like a homecoming weekend – without the football game, and with less beer. I’m not saying this is a bad thing.

Which got me to thinking… so what is it that keeps people here? Is it for the love of the technology? Is it a passion for increasing bandwidths and higher resolutions? or maybe a deep yearning for an ever-faster connection speed? Is it that with every new idea for automation, the very thought of a new level of vision inspection is a lure that keeps people coming back? Maybe it’s about pushing the very limits of whichever piece of vision you’re involved in that does it.

Or maybe it’s as a colleague suggests, you choose a course of study and a path. You live and breathe it and grow with the technology until… surprise, you’re at 20 years, and you can’t imagine yourself doing anything else – which speaks to me of both commitment and dedication. Two qualities you’d want from an expert in a category that so heavily shapes the quality and production of materials that drive economic growth and play such a critical role in our future.

’til next time.


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Geralyn arrived at Teledyne DALSA a number of years ago as a Communications Specialist and is Manager, Content Development and Channel Marketing. She is passionate about communication, music, math and the spoken word.
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